4 Seasons Fails to Win at Stoke Cage, MU Curious Midfielder

4 Seasons Fails to Win at Stoke Cage, MU Curious Midfielder

Manchester United (MU) will face Stoke City at Bet365 Stadium on Saturday (9/9/2017) night in the Premier League continued. This is a difficult game for the Red Devils, MU designation.

Jose Mourinho’s team had four seasons never won at Bet365 Stadium. Of the four games at home to Stoke City, Manchester United swallowed two defeats and won two draws.

Red Devils last time was at home to Stoke City on December 19, 2013. At that time, Manchester United won two goals without reply. These statistics also make Ander Herrera curious.

“The English league is very long and every team can beat you.Now we have to face Stoke City and we have not won in four seasons there,” said Herrera, quoted from the club’s official website.

For Herrera, the weather against Stoke City could affect the outcome. Currently, the climate in Stoke is entering the rainy season with the lowest temperature of 11 degrees Celsius.

“MU is ready to face them, hopefully the weather is not so bad, if the weather is bad, we will be difficult to play, we want to try to win there,” said the 27-year-old midfielder.

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