Liverpool are recruited Arsenal midfielder who contracts out soon


Liverpool are recruited Arsenal midfielder who contracts out soon

Paul Merson advised Liverpool to sign Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere in the summer transfer window.

Wilshere own contract with Arsenal will run out at the end of this season and until now there has been no sign of going to be extended. If it continues, of course Liverpool can get the English midfielder for free in the summer.

According to Merson, Wilshere’s figure could be the right coating for Liverpool’s current playmaker, Philippe Coutinho.

“Everton, West Ham, I think anyone after them. Man City, no. Chelsea, I do not think so. Liverpool may, I think Liverpool can bring Jack (Wilshere), “said Merson.

“They (Liverpool) are too dependent on Coutinho to penetrate the opponent, if you have Jack Wilshere too, you have two people who can penetrate the opponent’s defense.

“Currently they are very dependent on Coutinho. If Coutinho does not have a good day, not many other players can put the ball through the eye of a needle that plays for Liverpool.

“For me, I think Liverpool have to sign him,” Merson said.

Jack Wilshere did not get a chance in the main team Arsenal especially in the Premier League event this season. England’s Arsenal midfielder is more commonly used when the Gunners are in Europa League, FA Cup or League Cup. (Source: Sky Sports News)

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