Persib Will Send Protest Letter

Persib Will Send Protest Letter

Persib Bandung plans to deliver a letter of protest to the PSSI because felt dikerjai referee Kusni when losing 1-3 from Madura United, Sunday (9/7/2017).

Bandung coach Djadjang Nurdjaman said, the letter will be sent in the near future. He felt that Kusni tended to side with a host of controversial decisions.

“Until this morning too, we continue to communicate with management and they continue to discuss about the leadership of the referee,” said Djadjang at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Monday (10/07/2017).

(Sending a letter) Definitely. (Proof) is complete with video snippet. Later (team secretary) Yudiana will take care, “he said again.

Djanur, greeting familiar, said that the decision of the referee Kusni make mental foster children plummeted.

“(The decision of the referee) Very influential to the players Atep press conference time told me that if the goal Maitimo baseball annulled, it must be different story .. Children look pretty good when,” he said.

Previously, Djanur said there are three controversial incidents in the match in Pamekasan it. First, the penalty award given Kusni to the host is the result of diving from Madura United striker, Greg Nwokolo.

In addition, two goals Persib disallowed Kusni considered very harmful Persib.

“The first goal, which Maitimo considered offside.Then their goal a penalty and a third goal occurred.There should not be a penalty that clearly did not happen anything,” said Djanur.

“Then our second goal was disallowed, and yet the referee’s (assistant) has lifted the flag, I think it’s a controversial decision,” Djanur explained.

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