Indonesia Must Have Zeal Flip as Thailand Opponents

Indonesia Must Have Zeal Flip as Thailand Opponents

U-22 national team midfielder Indonesia, Evan Dimas, expressed his gratitude for the team’s success in defeating Mongolia 7-0 in second leg of Group H Qualification for U-23 Asia Cup 2018 at the National Stadium on Friday (21/07/2017) Agen Bola Sbobet.

“Thank God for victory on this day,” Evan Dimas told on Friday night.

Only appearing in the second half when defeated by Malaysia, Evan is believed to be a starter in the match against Mongolia.

Playing Evan is one of seven player changes by coach Luis Milla.

The result was quite satisfactory because the squad Garuda Muda scored seven goals. The seven goals of Indonesia were created by Saddil Ramdani (16 ‘, 56’), Marinus Mariyanto (30 ‘), Gavin Kwan (34’, 87 ‘), Osvaldo Haay (71’), and Septian David (90 ‘).

However, this victory does not mean the work of Indonesia is complete. Young Garuda squad must beat Thailand in Sunday’s game (23/7/2017) to reach the final round of tickets.

“I’m not watching Thailand’s game against Malaysia, but we have to work hard again when the Thai opponent, the spirit must also multiply,” said Evan Dimas.

Currently, Thailand tops Group H by collecting four points thanks to a draw with Mongolia and a win over Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Indonesia and Malaysia are both pocketed three points….

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