Wow! Barcelona Controversial Defender Finally Recognizes Real Madrid More Superior


Wow! Barcelona Controversial Defender Finally Recognizes Real Madrid More Superior

Failure to win the Spanish Super Cup seems to make Gerard Pique wake up and give rise to his gentleman attitude. Despite the weight, Barcelona defender was admitted now Real Madrid look more great for the first time throughout his career.

Since handled by Pep Guardiola, Barca seemed to be a giant that is tougher than ever. Under the cold hand of the bald-headed entrenador Los Cules was transformed into a monster who only knew about victory.

Until 2016 then Barca always flooded the title. La Liga trophy was already like a mandatory menu every season although the coaching chair has changed hands many times after the death of Pep. Counted from 2008 to 2016 as much as six times Barca become champions. In the Champions League was the same money with three successful title bagged fleet Camp Nou.

Madrid who continue to stand in the shadow of Barca was since La Liga champions in 2007/2008 only once embraced again in 2011/2012. The rest of the d derby derby El Clasico still be the front. New luck began to change when Carlo Ancelotti came.

At Santiago Bernabeu, Ancelotti immediately won the title in his first season in 2013/2014 ie Champions League. Success step is then confirmed by Zinedine Zidane successor who can even become a consecutive champion in the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 seasons. Zizou also successfully brought Los Galacticos La Liga champions last season.

Pique fieldy acknowledged defeat

Madrid progress and Barca’s retreat was later recognized by Pique after a duel in the European Super Cup last. Subdue with 5-1 aggregate, Barca considered Pique is now more inferior than the arch enemy and this is a strange thing for him.

“The season is still long and there are still many opportunities to clean up, but in the last nine years for the first time I feel we are more inferior than Madrid. It’s true that they were winners of UCL yesterday, but we have not only recently achieved the same, “Pique told Marca.

“We are in a bad moment as a team or a club. We have to stay together while we go. It’s important for us to take chest and accept if Madrid is better, “added the former Manchester United defender.

This statement is rarely out of the mouth of a Pique who has long been a true Cules. Moreover, he is not infrequently involved intrigue inside or outside the field with the jugador El Real, Sergio Ramos for example. But let’s just say if Pique has begun to understand how to shift the burden on the rival ahead of the new season. (Sportsmole)

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